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More than 80% of our clients come to us from another advisor. Some are just looking for confirmation that they’re with the right financial advisor while others are looking to leave but want to ensure their reasons are sound. Requests for second opinions also come from do-it-yourself investors who want the perspective of a professional advisor.

Who we are 

Evident Financial is a Registered Investment Advisor regulated by the Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities. Our firm is an independent financial advisor, one of the fastest growing segments in financial services. Independence means we are not part of a bank, brokerage firm, or insurance company.

As a Registered Investment Advisor, we are held to the highest standard of care in the financial services industry. As fiduciaries, we have a legal obligation to always do what's right for our clients. 

No Investment products. No sales commissions. No hidden fees.

What we do

We provide financial planning and investment management services to a wide-array of clients. Our growing clientele includes everyday investors, high net worth individuals and their trusts. We work with pre-retirees, retirees, business and medical professionals, and divorcing individuals. 

We also provide investment advisory services for nonprofit institutional investors such as university foundations, community foundations, and social services organizations.

You deserve better

We empower you to create the financial life of your dreams. We do this by protecting and growing your investments and by having honest conversations about the probabilities of reaching your goals. 

A comprehensive approach to building and preserving wealth

A comprehensive approach to building and preserving wealth

You need a trusted advisor with the experience and knowledge to guide you through the complex areas of your financial life, creating an investment plan matched to your unique situation.

What people want most from their financial advisor is to grow and protect their hard-earned money and organize their financial lives. We help you reach your goals by stepping into the role of financial quarterback, collaborating with your tax advisor and estate-planning attorney.  

Expertise matters

Expertise matters

At Evident Financial, we have extensive experience advising individuals, executives, and professionals about their investments and financial affairs.

Our team has earned the highest level of professional designations, demonstrating superior skill and proficiency in investment management. 

Clients benefit from a proven record of accomplishment, experience and success. 


A fee structure that is fair, simple and transparent 

A fee structure that is fair, simple and transparent 

Unfortunately, many financial advisors bury their fee disclosure in the fine print. Layers of complexity, financial jargon and hidden fees make it difficult to understand true investment costs and the impact fees have on your investment returns.

Why pay more?

Evident Financial is different. We disclose all costs upfront so you can understand exactly what you’re paying in fees.

Fiduciary safeguards

Fiduciary safeguards

When you open an account at Evident Financial, your assets are held in custody at Charles Schwab, one of the world’s leading investment firms. Your personal information and money are safeguarded under Schwab’s Security Guarantee, the highest level of data protection in the financial industry. 

The Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities provides oversight of Evident Financial and is charged with protecting your assets. As required by our regulators, Evident Financial's financial results and internal controls are subject to periodic examinations. 

What you can expect

What you can expect

The initial planning meeting with you goes far beyond simply giving you a questionnaire and then plugging you into a product. You can expect an engaging process so that we can create a custom investment plan based on your goals and dreams.

  • Sophisticated investing
  • A goals-based investment approach
  • Competitive fees
  • A team you can contact at any time 

How to know if you need a second opinion . . .

You want to make sure your investments are properly managed

There is great risk in being in the wrong investments and not protecting your assets when a down market comes.

You may be paying high fees and don't know it

The cost difference between low-fee and high-fee financial advice is staggering.

Your financial advisor only offers investment advice

Investment management is only one aspect of your financial life. If you're not receiving comprehensive financial planning services, you're paying too much for too little.

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