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Our Story

Our Story

When serial entrepreneur David Cullen retired, he accidentally found a new calling.

David was the founder of Heritage Trust Company, a trust and investment management company based in Erie, and of Parent Broadcast, a school-to-parent emergency notification service. After selling both businesses, he kicked back into a relaxed retirement.

While retired, he was frequently approached by friends and family seeking help with their finances. They'd been hit hard by the market drop in 2008, and David helped them assess the damage. When he looked at their investments and the lack of a plan to get to where they wanted to go, he was horrified.

His friends and family were like so many hard-working people - they didn't understand their investments, didn't know what they paid in fees, and got little or no attention from their investment advisors. All they wanted was honest advice from a trusted investment professional working in their best interest.

It was clear to David most people didn't have access to sophisticated financial advice. He was on a mission to do good and he decided to do something about it. He simply wanted more people to have the same investing advantages he had.

So, Evident Financial was born.