Our Story 

After a successful career as the founder of Heritage Trust Company, a trust and investment management company based in Erie and later as founder of ParentBroadcast, a school-to-parent emergency notification business, Evident Financial founder David Cullen kicked bank into a relaxed retirement. While retired, friends and family alike came to him seeking help with their finances. They’d been hit hard by the market drop in 2008, and David helped them assess the damage. When he looked at their investments and the lack of a plan to get to where they wanted to go, he was horrified.

His family and friends didn’t get the attention they deserved from their financial advisor hired to manage their money, didn’t understand their investments, and didn’t know what they paid in fees.

But he couldn’t recommend the services he used because they didn’t want do-it-yourself portfolio management. They wanted a full-time relationship with a knowledgeable investment professional working for their best interest.

It was clear to him most people didn’t have access to sophisticated financial advice. He was on a mission to do good and he decided to do something about it. He simply wanted more people to have the same investing advantages he had.

So, Evident Financial was born.

Our Promise

We'll educate, simplify, and always do what's in your best interest. We want you to have the confidence and peace of mind you're getting the best financial advice. Our promise is to take a personal interest in advising you on all your financial needs as they change throughout your lifetime. And we'll always do the right thing because that's who we are.

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