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It's more than just investing

It's more than just investing

There are a lot of advisors who say, “I specialize in retirement,” because they manage retirement rollovers or sell investment products. But what it means to really specialize in working with retirees goes far beyond just managing investments.

So, what does it mean to specialize in retirement? Number one is understanding an investment strategy is incomplete without a long-range financial plan. We'll help you answer these questions
and more - What are you investing for? Will your investment earnings and Social Security benefits cover your living expenses? What will happen to your nest egg in the event of catastrophic long-term care costs?

Your financial quarterback

Most people have multiple professionals on their financial team including attorneys and accountants. But often they don't work together or know what each other are doing and as a result, important things can be overlooked. When your professional advisors are sharing information, they can catch problems or opportunities they might not have seen on their own.

Evident Financial takes the lead making sure all your advisors work together toward a common end - your benefit.

Benefits include:

Plan for the Unexpected

Minimize Expenses and Taxes

Keep More of What You Earn

Protect Your Assets for Future Generations