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Whether you’re new to investing or have been investing for a long time, chances are you’ve had at least some doubt about whether your money is being managed the best it could. You may be asking yourself - Can my investments withstand significant downturns in the market? Do my investments align with my age, goals and tolerance for risk? Does my advisor truly know my dreams and desires? Could I be earning more on my investments? Am I paying too much in fees?
Evident Financial has highly credentialed investment specialists (no sales people) who can answer these questions and address your concerns. In the end, we’ll help you keep more of what you earn and earn more on what you invest.

Our Investment Philosophy

Evident Financial's investment philosophy is built around a single concept: that investing to capture stock and bond market returns at the lowest possible cost will give you the highest probability of reaching your long-term financial goals. This investment strategy is called “passive index investing.”
Nobel laureates in economics as well as the brightest minds in the industry including Vanguard founder Jack Bogle and legendary investor Warren Buffett, believe passive index investing works better in the long run than any other investment strategy.
With this proven approach, we limit the amount of buying and selling in your portfolio, making it a very cost-effective and tax efficient way to invest. The strategy requires a buy-and-hold mindset. That means resisting the temptation to react or anticipate the stock market's every next move.

Managing Risk

One key to building a successful investment plan is to eliminate the risks you can control and reduce the risks you can’t. As your professional investment advisor and coach, it’s our job to grow and protect your assets, avoid making costly mistakes, and to determine how much investing risk is appropriate for your situation.

None of us want to lose money in the stock market or if we have a good deal, we want a better deal. There is an old saying that the investment markets are driven by fear and greed. Being too fearful can be just as costly as being too greedy.
At Evident Financial, we understand investing can be emotional and can often cause you to make poor financial decisions. Wealth accumulation is not as much determined by investment performance as it is by investor behavior. The critical issue is what you do, and avoid doing.

You probably heard the saying – “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” This analogy about being prudent applies to investing as well and it’s called diversification.
To minimize the chances that a market drop, like we experienced in 2008 and most recently in late 2018, could result in the loss of your entire nest egg, it’s important to have your money in several investments with different levels of risk.
For example, a fund with broad market exposure to U.S. large growth stocks can rise 12% in one year, only to fall 38% in the next. By spreading your money across different companies, industries, and geographic regions that can rise and fall independently of each other, you can reduce your risk.

Our Investment Research

Good investment research is the basis for successful investing. We have a network of third-party independent research providers, such as J. P. Morgan that guide our multi-asset class models and custom portfolios.
What this means to you is that the investment decisions we make for you are supported by extensive economic and market analysis performed by leaders in the financial industry.

Our Investment Process

We follow a simple, time-proven investment approach to increase the probability that your financial goals will be met. As your circumstances change, our ongoing management and monitoring process ensures that your investment portfolio evolves with you.

Our process includes three basic stages:

Stage 1: Discovery

We develop an understanding of your goals, your time frame and tolerance for risk. We'll ask you a series of questions to understand which types of investments are best suited for you.

Stage 2: Execution

We select from a universe of more than 5,000 low-cost, taxefficient, and transparent exchange traded funds (ETFs) to build your investment plan around your unique circumstances.

Stage 3: Monitor

Once your portfolio is implemented, it is carefully monitored to ensure that you remain  invested in the ideal mix of bonds and stocks.

Some of the companies we use in our investment strategies include:

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